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Cyber Security Awareness

National Cyber Security Awareness Week is an Australian Government initiative, held annually in partnership with industry, community and consumer groups and state and territory governments. Remember these 10 tips for staying safe online:

  • Install and update your security software; set it to scan regularly.
  • Turn on automatic updates on all your software, particularly your operating system and applications.
  • Use strong passwords and different passwords for different uses.
  • Stop and think before you click on links and attachments.
  • Take care when transacting online – research the supplier and use a safe payment method.
  • Only download "apps" from reputable publishers and read all permission requests.
  • Regularly check your privacy settings on social networking sites.
  • Stop and think before you post any photos or financial information online.
  • Talk with your parent or teacher about staying safe online, including smartphones or mobile devices.
  • Report or talk to someone if you feel uncomfortable or threatened online.

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